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Why Filtration is Your First Line of Defense

Every year a growing number of people are turning to Home Water Treatment Systems to ensure safe, clean, fresh drinking water for their families. Hereʼs why:

Water is one of the simplest substances known to man, yet one of the most critical to our health and survival. It is also one of the easiest substances to contaminate.
Water has a tendency to dissolve a little of everything it comes in contact with, from beneficial elements to harmful chemicals, minerals and contaminates. Some of these impurities include insecticides, herbicides and poisons, while others occur naturally in water.

These harmful substances enter our water supplies through:

  • aging municipal water treatment systems
  • ground water wells
  • internal home plumbing systems
  • industrial sources
  • farms

Technological wastes have polluted our water and could be the cause of many of our diseases. Numerous EPA regulations were developed in response to studies that found suspected cancer causing chemicals in municipal drinking water supplies. These chemicals called Trihalomethanes (THMʼs) have been linked to cancer in laboratory animals. THMʼs also include chloroform, aldrin, dieldrin, DDT, EDG, carbon tetrachloride, benzene and many others. Some THMʼs are formed when natural substances such as decaying leaves or sewage mix with chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant in municipal water treatment.

The public demands quality water in their homes to because their families want and need:

  • cleaner, fresher, tastier drinking and cooking water
  • better tasting coffee, tea, soups and ice
  • chlorine free and contaminant free showers and baths
  • crystal clear water throughout their home
  • objectionable taste and odors removed
  • reduced maintenance costs for the kitchen and bathroom fixtures caused by chlorine and chloramines

Carbon filters are among the most common home water treatment systems because of their effectiveness, ease of use and cost efficiency. Household carbon filters can significantly improve the quality of household water for just pennies per gallon. It is a convenient and effective means of removing offensive tastes and odors as well as a wide range of organic materials and certain hazardous contaminants from drinking and bath waters. Carbon filters provide clean, fresh tasting water that will enhance the aroma and flavor of coffee, tea, juices, soups and other drinks as well as ice cubes.