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Whole House City Water Purification System

FreshPoint UF System Spec Sheet 310124

Fresh Point

  • Metered self-cleaning cycle flushes only when needed
  • Hollow-fiber technology ensures high flow rates
  • The uniform pore structure of the membrane builds an ultra-protective barrier, providing clean water without the use of added chemicals
  • High-performance: industrial-strength fiberglass housing is pressure rated to 300 psi

Should I Purify The City Water Coming Into My Whole House?

People who have Municipal City water and prefer to have the whole house treated have turned to Ultra Filtration systems. This Point of Entry (POE) system ensures better tasting water at every faucet. It supplies the kitchen for drinking, food prep, cooking, icemaker and dishwashing plus it supplies the washing machine and laundry tub. Ultra Filtration Systems clean the bathroom water for brushing teeth and drinking, as well as the shower, bathtub and toilet. The garage, utility room and all outside hose bibs are also ultra-filtered. These systems, long used by laboratories and hospitals, are now successfully being used in homes.

Clean Water America’s Home Spring Ultra Filtration System or Fresh Point Ultra Filtration System, is simpler and has less components than a Whole House Reverse Osmosis Purification System. It has become the new choice for many Municipal City water customers, giving them extremely high quality water throughout the whole house.

How Does Ultra Filtration Work?

Water enters the system from the bottom of the unit. It passes through walls of straw like fibers that removes particles as small as virus. These contaminants are trapped in the pores of the membrane and are removed from the water supply. The clean water then enters the existing plumbing system at a high flow rate, supplying the entire home with Ultra Filtered water.

The Ultra Filtration System self-cleans periodically by flushing the trapped contaminants out of the straw like fibers. This process uses less than four gallons of water for the system’s cleaning process, which maximizes the system’s filter capacity and extends its life. When maintained properly the fiber membrane should last between 3-5 years before being replaced.

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