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Water Diagnosis

In-Store Professional Water Analysis: If you are on the municipal water supplies then just bring in a sample (6-8 oz) of water from your home. If you are on the well water, then bring in two samples of water in separate containers (6-8 oz each) before and after existing water conditioning equipment. If you do not have any equipment at this time, please bring in one sample of source water directly from the well.

Substance Found Description What it is or does Limits Equipment Needed
Total Dissolved Solids
city/well colorless powder residue The overall quality of water which includes dissolved inorganics mineral salts, heavy metals and gases. less than 500 ppm Reverse Osmosis Distillation
Hardness city/well Whitish/tan powder residue Dissolved calcium and magnesium causes soap scum, leaves bathroom rings, dulls hair, clogs fabric, spots glassware,scales pipes and increases fuel consumption   Water Softener
Water Conditioner
Iron well Reddish brown floc Causes discoloration and stains on fixtures, dishes and laundry; has a disagreeable metal taste and alters the flavor of beverages such as coffee and tea. over
.3 ppm causes stains
Iron Filter or HIT System
Sulphur well Rotten egg smell yellowish in color Very corrossive in water and air; tarnishes silverware immediately upon contact   Aerator or Egg Beater Carbon Filter
Tannin well Yellow or golden brown Causes tannish stains on clothes, dishes, and appliances; is carcinogenic when combined with chlorine   Water Softener
Water Conditioner
Alum city White powdery floc Collects on dishes, laundry and appliances requiring more detergent to remove it   Carbon Filter
Chlorine city Slight yellow/green tinge A disinfectant and strong oxidizer used to kill bacteria in water, when combined with organics becomes carcinogenic .5 ppm required at last home on water line Carbon Filter