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Does Organic Water Exist? The Answer Might Shock You.

Organic Water – Is it just a marketing trick, or a legitimate claim? You be the judge. At $4 per 0.5L bottle it better be. Some might argue that it’s merely a technicality. The simple answer according to FDA is that water can’t be organic because it does not contain a carbon molecule. So from a legislative point of view Organic Water is a scam and punishable by law. However, there are some common sense exceptions to the rule. For example:  Organic Coconut Water. Organic coconut water can be used in your post workout protein shakes.

Organic Water Filter

For all organic food fans, this might seem like a big problem. How do you know when you are getting a quality product or just water in the bottle from your neighborhood municipal water plant? Here are a few a tips:

  1. Avoid judging a bottle by pictures on the label. Pictures of a Mountains and Valleys with a water stream running through them gives an impression of purity, but is it really. Probably not.
  2. Read the fine print on the bottle  and look for Purified by Reverse Osmosis.
  3.  For best results install a reverse osmosis purification system in your home. This is how you can be sure that you are getting the best possible water. When choosing a purification system consult a professional to make sure you and your family’s  health is protected at all times.

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