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Why Do I Need To Treat My City Drinking Water?

Do Municipal Systems Keep Us Safe?

Most Municipal systems keep us safe from outbreaks of life threatening diseases and nasty intestinal bacteria, but can they protect us from high concentrations of chemicals and heavy metals present in today’s tap water?  Even the taste and smell of chlorinated water leaves much to be desired, not to mention the dead, decaying bacteria chlorine leaves in its wake.

Who Has the Most Responsibility to Deliver Quality Water to My Home?

Today, it is virtually impossible for current municipal systems to deliver crystal clear filtered or purified water through thousands of miles of pipes to our homes. However the municipal water supply is heavily chlorinated so bacteria cannot thrive.  Therefore, the public is faced with the responsibility of deciding what quality of water their family will consume and use throughout their whole home.  The question is whether to improve  the household water supply at the point-of-use (POU) such as the kitchen sink, or point-of-entry (POE) for the bathroom, showers, laundry and other uses throughout the entire house.  The ultimate responsibility and decision is an individual one.

Should I Filter or Purify my Household Water?

To clean the water at either location, whether POU or POE, a carbon filter is an appropriate piece of equipment to choose. To purify the water at either the kitchen sink or throughout the whole house, a Reverse Osmosis system would be appropriate,  Let’s take a look at the differences between filtration with a Carbon Filter, or purification with a Reverse Osmosis system, both at the kitchen sink or throughout the whole house.