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Purification Explained

Drinking Water Purification Systems

 What is Purified Water?

Purified water is one tremendous step cleaner than filtered water.  After the source water is filtered through activated carbon pre filters, it is forced at high pressure through a microscopic membrane which rejects the maximum amount of contaminants present in the water.  The water is then passed through a post filter that can remineralize, carbon polish, alkalize or deionize, whichever you prefer.  This is the process known as Reverse Osmosis (RO).  It is as pure as distilled water but taste’s better. 

 What Does a Reverse Osmosis Purification System Remove?

A Reverse Osmosis Purification System removes all the contaminants that a Filtered System does: Filtered water contaminants list

Plus it additionally removes:

Total Dissolved Solids

Where is a Point of Use (POU) Reverse Osmosis System installed? 

RO Systems are usually installed under the kitchen sink with a third faucet at the sink top.  It can be installed in remote locations such as the garage or other kitchen cabinets etc if need be.  Most refrigerator ice makers gets its water from under the kitchen sink, so the purified water is routed to that line so that your ice cubes will be purified as well. The RO system works on water pressure and does not require any electricity. Designer faucets are available at our Water Stores.

What is the Maintenance on a POU Reverse Osmosis System?

The RO system requires that the Pre and Post Carbon Filters be changed once a year for full time residents and every other year for part time residents.  However, part time residents will need a special post filter to prevent bacteria from growing in the system while they are absent.

The RO system also has a membrane that is the heart of the system and removes all the contaminants leaving the water absolutely purified.  It is replaced every 4 years.  At the four year mark the membrane should be tested to determine the strength of its removal of contaminants.

How can I Remember to Change my RO Filters?

When you purchase equipment from Clean Water America we automatically send you a reminder postcard, containing a discount coupon, on your anniversary date to remind you that the filters should be changed.

What About Leaks Under the Kitchen Sink?

A separate leak detector is available to alert you about any sudden leaks that may occur.  Anytime you are dealing with plumbing of any kind, leaks can happen.  Clean Water America’s top of the line RO comes with a free leak detector.

What Kind of Water Should I Use in My Fish Aquarium?

Reverse Osmosis water is the safest water you can use for your aquariums.  What a time saver to fill your own tank from your own Reverse Osmosis system.

Whole House Purification Systems

Can I Purify the Water Coming into the Whole House?

For those people who live on well water and suffer sulphur, iron, tannins and  salt water intrusion, a Whole House Reverse Osmosis is often the chosen piece of equipment.  A Clean Water America Whole House Reverse Osmosis or nano filtration system, will deliver purified water to every single faucet and appliance throughout the entire house.

What Can Filtered or Purified Water Do For My Health?

Whether you choose a simple Carbon Filter System or an efficient Reverse Osmosis Purification System to protect and improve your drinking water quality, you will definitely enjoy the refreshing purified ice cubes as well as the enhanced flavors of food, coffee, juices, soups and tea.  Over time you may notice increased energy levels, better digestion, and improved immune response.  In the end, the reward will be safer and more delicious water for you and your loved ones.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Purchase a Water System?

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Water Filtration System

What is the Bottom Line?

For cleaner, safer water that only goes inside your body, let Clean Water America install a POU Carbon Filter System or a Reverse Osmosis System under your kitchen sink.  For cleaner, safer water that goes inside and outside your body let Clean Water America install a Whole House Carbon Filter System or a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System.  Protect your family, home and yourself.


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