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What is Soft Water and Hard Water?

Rain water begins as soft water, free of minerals, but as it passes over and through the earth, flowing into lakes, rivers, streams and ground water, it absorbs the hardness minerals. While these minerals arenʼt harmful to your health, they do affect the properties of water and itʼs effectiveness for washing and cleaning and can make simple household tasks hard work because soaps and detergents donʼt lather or work as well. Water processed through a Softener returns the water properties to their original state free of minerals. That means less detergent and soap is needed for laundry, baths, shampooing, and cleaning. There are no bathtub or potty rings, no spots on dishes or glasses, brighter, whiter laundry, and less wear and tear on appliances requiring less maintenance and repair.

Hard Water and Soft Water Explained