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What Damage does Hard Water do to Homes?

Quite simply, hard water will eventually harm plumbing and fixtures,appliances and other household objects. The American Water Works Association reports that without a water softener the life of water heaters are cut in half, toilets by 70%, faucets by 40% and dishwashers and washing machines by 30%. In 1990 Purdue Universityʼs research team reports that hard water shortens the life of fabrics by as much as 15% as well as dulls their appearance. Hard water causes a grayish tinge to laundry, streaks on glassware and silverware, white deposits inside teakettles, coffeemakers, humidifiers and hot water heaters, streaking on shower doors and etching on sink and tub faucets along with dry, itchy skin and dull hair. About 85% of American Homes have hard water. Doesnʼt it make tons of sense to save money and elbow grease by installing a softener to remove hardness from your household water?

Hard Water and Soft Water Explained