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Are There Different Types of Whole House Carbon Filters?

There are two different types;  “Cartridge Filters” and “Tank Filters”
The Cartridge Filter is a large filter housing, about 20”, which allows for a very large cartridge to be installed.  These cartridges can handle high flow rates and are able to remove a broad range of chemicals.  The cartridges should be replaced every 6 months and can be easily changed by the homeowner or by Clean Water America’s Service Department.

The Tank Filter, which are between 4 and 6 feet tall, consist of three different types:

  • Automatic Backwash Valve
  • Manual Backwash Valve
  • Non Backwash Standard Head.

The Automatic Backwashing Valves consist of Timer and Meter Heads:

  • The Timer head backwashes the carbon according to a clock only and can be pre programed by multiple day settings.
  • The Meter head backwashes the carbon according to the amount of water used.  It is the more efficient filter head and saves excess water usage.
  • The Manual Backwash Valve System needs to be periodically backwashed to fluff up the carbon granules so pressure drop does not occur.
  • The Standard head in/out valve is a fully automatic, non backwashing system and is the least expensive of the trio.

         All carbon filters need to be re-bedded on a periodic basis when the mineral is exhausted.

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