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About Us

Established in 1989, Water is our Middle Name!

Clean Water America, established in 1989 opened its doors as one of the first walk-in retail water stores in both the State of Florida and the United States. Designed to create an educational shopping experience, Clean Water America offers a full water testing laboratory to determine your water treatment needs or establish the reliability of your existing filtration system.

Our knowledgeable staff offers a hands on demonstration and explanation, focusing on the different methods of water treatment, with the latest technology available. Our showroom houses every type of water filtration equipment needed to correct well water problems and enhance city water purity. Clean Water America also has the largest inventory of regenerating supplies, replacement parts, and filter cartridges for most water filtration equipment manufactured today.

Clean Water America has a state-of-the-art purified water vending system that is open to the public 24/7, dispensing purified water by the gallon at a fraction of the cost of public vending machines or bottled water. Clean Water America prides itself on its highly experienced Service Personnel for installations, repairs, monthly service and emergency “out-of-water” service. Pump replacement and pressure problems are easily solved by our technical experts.

Our knowledgeable Field Representatives offer a no nonsense, no pressure, hassle free, concise quote when you are in the market for new equipment.

A quick quote program is also available by email or fax. Clean Water America has everything that pertains to water: Equipment, Parts, Information, Sales, Service, Supplies, Expertise and Reliability with 24 years of history in the Southwest Florida area. Call today, Clean Water America is waiting to serve you ! Water is our Middle name!!